Parker Tavern, Reading MA

Colonial houses of Reading

Houses in Reading MA constructed before the beginning of the 19th Century. Monochrome photos, links and descriptions are from the Massachusetts Historical Commission MACRIS site. Dates of construction are from the MACRIS inventories gathered in the 1980s and and may have been updated. See also the Reading Historic District Commission.

REA.80 Parker, Capt. Nathaniel Red House 77-83 Ash St Read
REA.85 Burnap House, 3 Avon St Reading, c 176
REA.255 Poole, Jonathan House, 8 Back Bay Ct Reading, c 1795
REA.9 Batchelder, Nathaniel House, 71 Franklin St Reading, r 1760
REA.226 Parker, Joseph House, 420 Franklin St Reading, c 1725
REA.257 Parker, Benjamin House 458 Franklin St Reading c 1731
REA.223 Nichols, Richard House, 483 Franklin St Reading, c 1732
REA.251 Nichols, Richard House, 529 Franklin St Reading, c 1732
REA.221 Parker, Joseph House, 107 Grove St Reading, c 1795
REA.222 Emerson – Foster House, 409 Grove St Reading, c 1710
REA.7 Symonds, Thomas House, 320 Haverhill St Reading, c 1785
REA.6 Hartshorn, Timothy House, 379 Haverhill St. Reading, 1787
REA.5 Nichols, Daniel Homestead, 434 Haverhill St Reading, c 1741
REA.1 Carroll – Hartshorn House, 572 Haverhill St Reading. c 1700
REA.196 Nichols, Simon Homestead, 193-195 High St Reading, c 1795
REA.247 Brooks, Gov. John House, 30-32 John St Reading, 1751
REA.78 Weston, John House – Leaning Elm Farm, 1 Leaning Elm Dr Reading, c 1765
REA.212 Bancroft, Joseph House, 116 Lowell St Reading c 1765
REA.208 Nichols, Jerry Tavern, 51 Mill St Reading, c 1785
REA.18 Parker – Walker House, 99 Pearl St Reading, c 1714
REA.16 Nichols, James House, 273 Pearl St Reading, c 1795
REA.253 Johnson, John House, 337 Pearl St Reading, c 1794
REA.14 Batchelder House, 607 Pearl St Reading. c 1783
REA.13 Emerson House, 707 Pearl St Reading, c 1795
REA.11 Reading District Schoolhouse – Pratt, Amos House, 753 Pearl St Reading, c 1708
REA.151 Leathe, George E. House, 29 Prospect St Reading, c 1798
REA.33 Parker House, 52 Salem St Reading, 1792
REA.243 Parker, Phineas House, 25 School St Reading, c 1740
REA.256, Damon, Aaron House, 163 South St., Reading, c 1796
REA.88 Damon, Joseph House, 178 South St Reading, 1754
REA.161 Temple, Uncle Mark House, 141 Summer Ave Reading, c 1753
REA.113 Eaton – Prescott House, 284 Summer Ave Reading, c 1757
REA.260, Pratt, Timothy House, 65 Wakefield St Reading, c 1765
REA.92 Parker, William House, 55 Walnut St Reading, c 1796
REA.117 Parker Tavern, 103 Washington St Reading, 1694
REA.101, Weston, Abijah Jr. House, 63 West St Reading, c 1798
REA.102 Weston, Jabez House, 86 West St Reading, c 1779
REA.106 Parker, Samuel House, 132 West St Reading, c 1795
REA.109 Bancroft, Francis J. House, 201 West St Reading, c 1789
REA.138 Bancroft, Samuel House,232 West St Reading, c 1748
REA.258 Bancroft, Thomas House, 320 West St Reading, c 1720
REA.133, Appleton House, 201 Woburn St Reading, c 1795