Marblehead MA

Old Town, a Colonial neighborhood in Marblehead

“Old Town” in Marblehead, MA is a visual delight, packed with colorful early 18th Century homes and a few dating to the 17th Century. Navigating its narrow streets in an automobile during the tourist season can be challenging; we recommend visiting Marblehead during the spring or fall. The Open Space Plan for Marblehead explains the town’s extraordinary concentration of over 200 homes built before the Revolutionary War.

“The large number of surviving houses from before 1775 is due to the fact that the American Revolution had a devastating economic and social impact on Marblehead. More than 600 men served from a town of 935 families (1765 census), in both the Continental Army and on privateer vessels out of Marblehead or Salem. In the War of 1812, over 1,000 men served from a population of 6,000 or 7,000.”

This partial list of houses in Marblehead constructed before the Revolutionary War links to a comprehensive inventory provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System (MACRIS). Color images are from the Marblehead Patriot Properties property database.

Note that some addresses have changed because of Enhanced 911. Please make corrections in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

In 1796 this house was sold by Capt. Thomas Peach to his brother Joseph Peach along with 6 acres of land. There are bolection mouldings and original paneling around the fireplaces.

The original location of this house was at the intersection of Beacon and Norman, It was moved to its present location by 1850. Deacon William Doliber was a leader in resisting the outrages of British rule prior to the Revolution. He was appointed by Town Meeting in 1771 to a committee of grievances to correspond with like committees in other towns of the commonwealth, to press for the rights of the province and oppose the crown. With Doliber on this committee were Azor Orne, Elbridge Gerry, Joshua Ome, Thomas Gerry, Thomas Gerry, jr., Capt. John Nutt and Capt. John Glover. After the Boston Tea Party in 177U the infamous Port Bill was passed which closed Boston to Commerce and removed the seat of Government to Salem. Town Meeting then appointed Doliber to the Committee of Correspondence, which also included Joshua Orne, Deacon Stephen Phillips, Edward Fettyplace, Capt. John Nutt, and Ebenezer Foster. Doliber was also chosen to represent the town when all the Committees of Correspondence met. The other delegates were Jeremiah Lee, Azor 0rne, Elbridge Gerry and Joshua Orne.

Based upon visual evidence of construction techniques, the home was originally constructed as a half-house in the first quarter of the 18th century. The original part of the house, with its hewn timbers having tooled, beaded edges on the framework, is typical of the early 18th century. . From 1779 to 1801 the property was owned by Ephraim Ireson, mariner, from whom it was inherited by his daughter, Meriam Ireson, Spinster. She sold the lower half of the house in 1802 to Joseph Goodwin and Daniel Molay who in turn sold it in 1806 to Benjamin Dodd. She sold the upper half of the property in 1802 to Benjamin Ireson, mariner, who in 1808 was the unfortunate passenger in the famous “Skipper Ireson’s Ride” immortalized by the prominent poet John Greenleaf Whittier in his poem of that name published in 1857 (see continuation sheet). According to the editor of Whittier’s works, in the History of Marblehead, published in 1879 by Samuel Roads, Jr., “it is stated that the crew of Captain Ireson, rather than himself, were responsible for the abandonment of the disabled vessel. To screen themselves they charged their captain with the crime. Benjamin Ireson lived in the house until 1853 when the upper 1/2 part of the house was conveyed to Elizabeth Ireson Preble by her father Skipper Benjamin Ireson.

James, Capt. Richard House 10 Franklin St. MAR.766 1750
Homan, Joseph House 16 Franklin St. MAR.767 1764
Gale, Ambrose House 17 Franklin St. MAR.623 1663
Chinn, John – Kimball, Thomas House 18 Franklin St. MAR.718 1677
Selman, Capt. John – Bartoll, William House 19 Franklin St. MAR.677 1735
20 Franklin St. MAR.719 1750
Orne, Joshua House 22 Franklin St. MAR.720 1750
Oliver, Selman House 24 Franklin St. MAR.721 1720
Arnold, Goodwin House 26 Franklin St. MAR.722 1725
Broughton, Nicholson House 27 Franklin St. MAR.735 1750
28 Franklin St. MAR.723 1753
Gerry, Thomas House 30 Franklin St. MAR.724 1727
Martin – Ballard House 33 Franklin St. MAR.733 1750
Fowle, Jacob Cooper Shop 3 Front St. MAR.217 1772
34 Front St., 1750
36-36A Front St. MAR.205 (1740)
Morse, Ruth House 47 Front St. MAR.417 1750
Laskey House 50 Front St. MAR.358 1725
54 Front St. MAR.360 1720
Bowler, William House 57 Front St. MAR.416 1745
Snow House 58 Front St. MAR.361 1747
MAR.1234. Stacey, Capt. Benjamin House 104 Front St, c 1766
110 Front St. MAR.683 1765
Rich, Jonathan House 112 Front St. MAR.684 1767
Hooper, John G. House 114 Front St. MAR.685 1770
Glover, Gen. John House 11 Glover Sq MAR.382 1762
Pritchard House 13 Glover Sq MAR.381 1749
Norden, Nathaniel House 15 Glover Sq MAR.380 1686
LeCraw, Thomas House 17 Glover Sq MAR.379 1760
Wood, Richard House 33 Harris St. MAR.444 1760
Harris House 37 Harris St. MAR.442 1750
Humphrey House 32 High St. MAR.612 1760
34-36 High St. MAR.614 1690
Jackson, John House 36 High St. MAR.615 1726
Brown – Goodwin House 37 High St. MAR.593 1720
39 High St. MAR.622 1750
Lindsey House 40 High St. MAR.568 1750
Russell House 42-44 High St. MAR.569 1740
45 High St. MAR.621 1725
2 Lee St. MAR.220 1750
Broughton, Nicholson House 6 Lee St. MAR.221 1710
Bassett, John House 7-9 Lee St. MAR.176 1736
8 Lee St. MAR.222 1740
Fowle, Jacob House 10 Lee St. MAR.223 1740
11 Lee St. MAR.175 1740
12 Lee St. MAR.224 1725
Bartlett, John House 29 Lee St. MAR.169 1730
30 Lee St. MAR.229 1780
31 Lee St. MAR.168 1775
Bartlett, John House 40 Lee St. MAR.114 1726
46 Lee St. MAR.1171750
48 Lee St. MAR.118 1750
52 Lee St. MAR.120 1760
54 Lee St. MAR.121 1775
55 Lee St. MAR.165 1725
56 Lee St. MAR.122 1730
Hooper House 57 Lee St. MAR.164 1750
58 Lee St. MAR.123 1750
61 Lee St. MAR.163 1760
66 Lee St. MAR.125 1775
Wright, Calley House 7 Lookout Ct MAR.154 1749
8 Lookout Ct MAR.183 1750
0 Mariner’s Ln MAR.418 1750
Old Town House Market Sq MAR.496 1727
Jackson, Dr. Bartholomew House 4 Market Sq MAR.467 1729
2 Mason St. MAR.240 1780
Palmer, John Barn 8 Mason St. MAR.230 1750
Twisden, John House 11 Mechanic Ct MAR.560 1750
Bradstreet – Brown House 1 Mechanic St. MAR.461 1738
Hill – Phillips House 8 Mechanic St. MAR.462 1743
Brimblecomb, John House 9 Mechanic St. MAR.459 1713
Sparhawk, J. Barn 20 Mechanic St. MAR.464 1721
Mailey – Dodd House 22 Merritt St. MAR.660 1680
8 Middle St. MAR.78 1760
10 Middle St. MAR.79 1730
Savage, John House 12 Middle St. MAR.801700
15 Middle St. MAR.72 1720
17 Middle St. MAR.71, 1750
18 Middle St. MAR.81 1715
19 Middle St. MAR.70 1740
20 Middle St. MAR.82 1710
Waters- Bowen House 1 Mugford St. MAR.1055 1695
6 Mugford St. MAR.441 1720
Nicholson, Thomas House 11 Mugford St. MAR.450 1756
Dodd, Jemima House 12 Mugford St. MAR.448 1730
Sparhawk House 17 Mugford St. MAR.554 1750
21 Mugford St. MAR.552 1750
23 Mugford St. MAR.551 1760
Stevens, Roger House 29 Mugford St. MAR.548 1715
31 Mugford St. MAR.547 1780
Greist, John House 32 Mugford St. MAR.314 1758
Orne, Azor House 18 Orne St. MAR.576 1763
Edward Fettyplace house, 19 Orne St. MAR.758 1760
38 Orne St. MAR.746 1750
Graves House 39 Orne St. MAR.751 1670
Diamond, William House 42 Orne St. MAR.747 1710
Parker, Capt. David House 47 Orne St. MAR.748 1711
Moge, Sarah Homan House 20 Pearl St. MAR.537 1749
16 Stacey St. MAR.645 1750
18 Stacey St. MAR.646 1695
20 Stacey St. MAR.647 1750
Stacey – Goodwin House 8 Stacey St. MAR.636 1680
Bean, William – Bray, Capt. Edmund House 9 State St. MAR.492 1770
10 State St. MAR.486 1740
King, Daniel House 12 State St. (rear) MAR.1223 1739

Deed research dates this house before 1739 when Daniel King, instrument maker and Samuel Case, fisherman sold this house and land to Alexander Watte. Watte (or Watts) ) died in 1780, at which time Benjamin King was appointed administrator of the estate and the “dwelling house on King Street” was sold to John Adams. By I845 the ownership of the house became divided into l6ths. In the main part of the house only the enclosed beams remain from the original structure. The rear wing appears to be quite old.

Watts, Alexander House 14 State St. MAR.487 1769
Wright, John House 16 State St. MAR.489 1765
Gallison, John House 17 State St. MAR.375 1735
Mansfield, Isaac Jr. House 21 State St. MAR.373 1756
22 State St. MAR.377 1740
24 State St. MAR.378 1760
Reed, Capt. John Jr. House 27 State St. MAR.372 1761
36 State St. MAR.391 1725
Topham, James House 35 State St. MAR.369 1763
Trasher, John House 14 Tucker St. MAR.181 1750
Pickett, Nicholas House 17 Tucker St. MAR.242 1725
Minot, George House 2 Union St. MAR.195 1731
Legg, John House 4 Union St. MAR.196 1715
Bodkin, Thomas House 6 Union St. MAR.199 1728
Hind, Capt. Benjamin House 8 Union St. MAR.200 1762
1 Vine St. MAR.1034 1775
Lindsey House 9 Waldron Ct MAR.107 1738
Bowden, Benjamin House 13 Waldron Ct MAR.105 1768
1 Waldron St. MAR.113 1750
2 Waldron Ct MAR.94 1760
4 Waldron St. MAR.131 1750
5 Waldron St. MAR.112 1730
8 Waldron St. MAR.132 1750
Sandin, William House 10 Washington Sq MAR.158 1725
Mansfield, Isaac House 14 Washington Sq MAR.160 1730
18 Washington Sq MAR.162 1750
Stevens, Sylvester House 26 Washington Sq MAR.76 1750
28 Washington Sq MAR.76 1750
1 Washington St. MAR.620 1720
Pritchard, Benjamin 2 Washington St. MAR.627 1754
Hooper, William House 5 Washington St. MAR.619 1780
Pearson – Bessom House 11 Washington St. MAR.618 1734

12-14 Washington St. MAR.631 1710

15 Washington St. MAR.592 1750
Gerry, Elbridge House 44 Washington St. MAR.654 1730
Gardner, F. House 45 Washington St. MAR.585 1760
Homan, Richard House 47 Washington St. MAR.583 1744
Bowen, Nathan House 62 Washington St. MAR.478 1760
Trevett, Capt. Samuel R. House 65 Washington St. MAR.473 1750
Trevett, Richard House 74 Washington St. MAR.481 1730
Hendley, Benjamin House 76 Washington St. MAR.482 1750
81 Washington St. MAR.470 1730
83 Washington St. MAR.469 1700
Scobie, James House 98 Washington St. MAR.499 1750
Story, Dr. Elisha House 102 Washington St. MAR.500 1760
Turner, Isaac House 104 Washington St. MAR.501 1719
Holyoke, Rev. Edward House 119 Washington St. MAR.433 1728
121 Washington St. MAR.432 1730
Woodward, Abraham House 143 Washington St. MAR.257 1760
158 Washington St. MAR.236 1750
Lee, Jeremiah Mansion 161 Washington St. MAR.253 1767
172 Washington St. MAR.248 1750
Bartlett, Nathaniel House 175 Washington St. MAR.291 1750
Hooper, Robert House 181 Washington St. MAR.290 1769
183 Washington St. MAR.289 1750
Lee, Col. William House 185 Washington St. MAR.288 1718
Oakes, Richard House 195 Washington St. MAR.285 1718
Meek House 197 Washington St. MAR.284 1760
Gale, Capt. William House 199 Washington St. MAR.58 1750
Allen, John House 200 Washington St. MAR.60 1700
203 Washington St. MAR.56 1750
2207 Washington St. MAR.47 1750
226 Washington St. MAR.5 1736
Knott, Hannah House 23 Watson St. MAR.339 1672
24 Watson St., MAR.301 1715

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