Colonial-era houses in Groveland, MA

Groveland, MA was settled as the East Parish of Bradford, a part of the town of Rowley in the early Colonial era. Before Bradford was separated from Rowley in 1672, it was called “Rowley on the Merrimack”, or just “Merrimack.” Bradford in turn was annexed by Haverhill in 1897 after a bloody and violent conflict. Groveland officially incorporated as a separate town on September 9, 1850. The town relied primarily on agriculture and small-scale manufacturing (fulling, saw and grist mills, along Johnson’s Creek; tanning yards, chaise factory, shoe shops) with some shipbuilding on the Merrimack River.

Information about the following Prerevolutionary Groveland houses are from the Massachusetts Historical Commission site. Follow the GRV link to download a PDF inventory sheet with additional historical information. Photos are from the Town of Groveland assessors site at Patriot Properties.

278 CENTER ST, Groveland ma
GRV.104, Burbank, Eleazer House, 278 Center St, Groveland MA, c 1707
300 Center St., Groveland MA

GRV.106, Tenney, Solomon House, 300 Center St, Groveland MA, 1761
10 Garrison St., Groveland MA
GRV.109, Hardy, Joseph Jr. – Foster, Stephen House, 10 Garrison St, Groveland MA  r 1720
43 Garrison St., Groveland MA, 1668
43 Garrison St., Groveland MA, 1668
48 King St., Groveland MA
GRV.97, Darke, B. House – Hilltop Farm, 48 King St, Groveland MA, 1726
69 King St., Groveland MA
GRV.52, Hardy, Joseph House, 69 King St, Groveland MA, c 1725
134 King St., Groveland MA
GRV.116, Hardy, Phillip House, 134 King St, Groveland MA, 1743
66 Main St., Groveland MA, 1762
GRV.60, Bailey, Capt. Jonathan House, 66 Main St, 1762
73 Main St., Groveland MA, 1700
73 Main St., Groveland MA, 1700
100 Main St., 1742
GRV.142, Hopkinson, Ens. Samuel House, 100 Main St, c 1742
119 Main St., 1770
GRV.148, Wallingford, Nicholas House, 119 Main St, c 1770
127 Main St., 1770
GRV.64, Palmer, Samuel House, 127 Main St, r 1750
239 Main St., 1770
GRV.66, 239 Main St, Groveland MA 1770
245 Main St., 1648
GRV.72, Parker, Peter House, 245 Main St, Groveland MA, r 1775
344 Main St., Groveland MA, 1755
GRV.3, Mitchell, Capt. Day House, 344 Main St, Groveland MA, c 1750
358 Main St., Groveland MA, 1752
GRV.8, Burbank, Stephen – Jacques, Benjamin House, 358 Main St., 1752
360 Main St., Groveland M, 1760

GRV.9, Greenough, William House and General Store, 360 Main St, Groveland MA 1755
362 Main St., Groveland MA, 1716
GRV.10, Hopkinson, George House, 362 Main St, Groveland MA c 1716
377 Main St., Groveland MA, 1740
GRV.15, Hopkinson, Paul House, 377 Main St, Groveland MA 1740
379 Main St., Groveland MA 1775
GRV.16, Hopkinson, Thomas M. House and Shop, 379 Main St, Groveland MA, c 1775
William Greenough house, Groveland MA
GRV.17, Greenough, William House, 381-383 Main St., Groveland MA, c 1798
425 Main St., Groveland MA, 1750
425 Main St., Groveland MA, 1750
679 Salem St., Groveland MA 1770

679 Salem St., Groveland MA 1770
714 Salem St., Groveland MA 1774
GRV.118, Kimball, Daniel House, 714 Salem St, Groveland MA 1774
774 Salem St., Groveland MA 1766
GRV.121, Carleton, Thomas House, 774 Salem St, Groveland MA 1766
789 Salem St., Groveland MA
GRV.123, Carleton, Thomas House, 789 Salem St, Groveland MA, 1740
194 School St., Groveland M, 1775
194 School St., Groveland MA, 1775
27 Sylvan St., Groveland MA 1701
GRV.127, Bailey, Lt. Thomas House, 27 Sylvan St, Groveland MA  c 1701
113 Washington St., Groveland MA, 1750

113 Washington St., Groveland MA, 1750

157 Washington St., Groveland MA

157 Washington St., Groveland MA 1750

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