Salisbury MA historic houses

Salisbury MA historic houses

This page displays First Period, Georgian, and Federal era houses of Salisbury, Massachusetts up to the beginning of the 19th Century. The images are from the Salisbury Patriot Properties site. Click on the link to download a description of the property on the Massachusetts Historical Commission site (MACRIS). Photos are displayed alphabetically in order of street name. House numbers may have changed. Click on any image to view a larger photo.

Abraham Morrill House, 28 Congress St, Salisbury MA C 1785. SLS.85

The Town Assessor’s records indicate the house at 28 Congress Street was built ca 1785 on land previously owned by Abraham Morrill, a blacksmith and an original settler in Salisbury. In 1662, his son Isaac, also a blacksmith, inherited the land on Congress Street. The land passed to Reuben Morrill in 1730 and then his nephew, Abraham Morrill, the youngest son of Reuben’s brother Abraham, in 1777. Abraham, the nephew, served in the Revolutionary War and died in 1814. His son, also Abraham Morrill, inheirited the farm. Abraham married his wife Mary Bagley in 1802. A map of 1854 indicates Abraham Morrill was living in the house. His son Edward was born 1807 and inherited the house ca 1862.1 Edward Morrill, a farmer, and his wife Abigail lived in the house on the Plains in 1872. By 1912 the house had become the residence of John Mudge, a farmer. In 1918 two boarders are listed as residing with John Mudge, Cornelia Mudge, and James Hooper, a farmhand. In the 1933-4 and 1944-6 Directories the owner of 28 Congress Street was Miss Bertha C Mudge.

R. R. Fitch House, 114 Elm St., Salisbury MA, R 1750. SLS.168
Moody – Eaton House 31 Dock Ln Salisbury C 1800. SLS.166
M. Fitts House, 145 Elm St, Salisbury MA, C 1750. SLS.169
0 Elmwood St., Salisbury C 1790. SLS.172
William Moody House, 8 Ferry Rd., Salisbury C 1750, SLS.92
William Pettengill house, 45 Ferry Rd Salisbury C 1740, SLS.97
Caleb and True Pike House, 74 Ferry Rd., Salisbury MA C 1790, SLS.99
Samuel Pike House, 19 Ferry St. Salisbury R 1750, SLS.95
John S. Morse House, 18 First St Salisbury C 1800. SLS.29
35 First St., Salisbury MA
Capt. Elias Dole House, 35 First St., Salisbury MA (1799) SLS.39
John Jones House, 9 Fourth St., Salisbury C 1780 SLS.42
11 4th St., Salisbury MA
Mary Pike Graves House, 11 Fourth St., Salisbury C 1740; SLS.43
Morril-Chase House, 29 Main St. Salisbury R 1750 SLS.108
Dole House and Farm 98 Main St Salisbury R 1775, SLS.112
Greely – Deal House 1 Mudnock Rd Salisbury R 1750. SLS.120
Buswell, W. – Pike, Otis Double House 34 Mudnock Rd Salisbury C 1780, SLS.123
, J. W. Buswell House 40 Mudnock Rd Salisbury R 1775. SLS.202
, Jacob D. Brown House, 18 Pleasant St., Salisbury C 1800 SLS.21
Capt. John March House, 11 Second St., Salisbury 1752. SLS.51
Elias Pike House 15 Second St Salisbury 1734. SLS.55
Joseph March House and Tavern, 16 Second St., Salisbury, C 1690. SLS.56
Joseph Warren Currier House, 2 Third St., Salisbury C 1800. SLS.57
Jonathan Dole House, 5 Third St., Salisbury R 1720., SLS.58
William T. Gerish House 6 Third St Salisbury C 1740. SLS.59